Is Your Email Bloggable?

I met Lena West of xynoMedia last week in New York. This was a nice meeting with a smart person who does a couple of really good blogs, Social Media 360 and TechForward. She followed up with an email, and the tag at the bottom of her mail, before the signature, interests me:


That seems like a simple idea, well implemented. It makes perfect sense to differentiate between bloggable stuff and private stuff, and this is an easy way to make that line clear. And I like the fact that it has no legal boilerplate in it; with these things, legal boilerplate doesn’t (in my opinion) help anyhow, people honor your request or they don’t.

One thought on “Is Your Email Bloggable?

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Tim.

    The bloggable or not sig file has been really helpful in drawing the line with people.

    I agree with what you say about legalese – as my Mom would say, "locks are made for honest people."

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