Do You Know of Buy Local Frequent Buyer Programs That Work?

If you’re reading this, I’m asking your help. I’m curious about what local small businesses do about frequent buyer programs. I find that airlines, hotels, and rental car companies get my loyalty by giving me premiums, better service, and free services. I love the upgrades too.

But what about local programs? A lot of coffee shops and ice cream and the like have the classic punch cards, get the 10th one free and like that; but do you know of local programs that combine local merchants, like the hardware store, the dry cleaner, and health foods? A local buyer rewards program?

Are you a member of something like that? As a merchant or as a buyer? Is it working?

Please leave me a comment here if you’ve seen, participated in, or aware of any such programs that works.

5 thoughts on “Do You Know of Buy Local Frequent Buyer Programs That Work?

  1. Hi Tim, This is a little outside of what you asked but a group of our local businesses and citizens have banded together to promote a “Keeping it Local” type of program that is for the entire county, it is still relatively new but seems to be finding traction – found here at:
    Keep It In Cobb’s mission is to support locally owned businesses in Cobb, to maintain our unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build community economic strength.

  2. Our organization, offers gift cards that can be purchased and used at any member of our “buy local” organization. We started it as a way to compete with mall gift card purchases for the holidays and offer much more since the cards can be used at restaurants, service businesses, retail stores,etc…

    We have found that it benefits our members much like a punch card or loyalty program because it insures that the money stays within our member businesses. Our organization reimburses our members for any cards they redeem minus a very small service charge. So everyone benefits! Plus, we don’t have to worry about fraudulent punches, how to convert $ amounts or requirements across different industries or similar issues that arise with a punch card.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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