A Short, Thoughtful Video on What Makes Entrepreneurship Work

The Kauffman Foundation, based in Kansas City, is a very well endowed, thoughtful, and often very useful source of research and information on entrepreneurship in America. The video here is a compelling three-minute summary of problems and opportunities. The foundation titles it “Looking for the Magic Sauce.”


I love the video illustration methodology, and it makes some important points well. I have to admit, though, that I’m often troubled with the attempt to find formulas and recipes; I suspect that at the core, the process of starting companies is so intrinsically unique to every new business, and every individual, that generalizations don’t apply. Still, this video puts the questions very well.

If for any reason you don’t see the video here, you can click this link to go to the original at the source.

2 thoughts on “A Short, Thoughtful Video on What Makes Entrepreneurship Work

    1. Melanie, thanks, and for the record, I always think of at least two great entrepreneur resources in Kansas City, one being the Kauffman organization and the other the world headquarters of John Jantsch and his Duct Tape Marketing coaches. Tim

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