Where Can I Sell Business Ideas?

I get it. What a nice dream … just sell business ideas, and let somebody else take the risk, find the money, and do the work.

Sounds great, right? Just sell business ideas?

Except that the work, the risk, and the money is what gives the business idea value.

So nowhere. The answer to your question about where is: nowhere. Business ideas have no value. Nobody owns them. A good idea is like a beautiful day: do something with it or shut up. Execute on the idea or let it go.

Wait, what? Why am I such a downer? Why discourage you? No, I’m encouraging you. Get to work. Take the first steps. Get started. Give that idea value by doing the work to create something with it.

Start with a simple lean business plan. Set strategy, tactics, major milestones, metrics, and essential projections. Don’t sell business ideas, build a business.

You have to do the work

At the same time, start recruiting a team. Find people you trust with the skills you need. Get people who are different from you, not the same.

And don’t talk about the idea indiscriminately. Tell only people you need on the team, whom you trust. No bragging, no sharing, because the only way you protect your idea, for now, is to shut up. Ultimately, you protect your idea by building a business on top of it. And people will copy it if it’s successful. So get going, and stay ahead of them.

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