Twitter and Compact Writing

Just noticed this on Twitter, from John Caddell:

sitting on the porch at the lake house. breezes.

older kid kayaking out on the lake,

younger kid commenting on show he’s watching —


Which makes me think that there’s a lot to be said for writing within a 140-character limit. How well do those 140 characters evoke an image. My tweet back to John: "great tweet! Does twitter proud."

Back in the 1970s the business world was abuzz when Procter and Gamble established a one-page maximum for memos. John’s piece above is hardly a business memo, but — who knows? Maybe we should word count on everything.

2 thoughts on “Twitter and Compact Writing

  1. Hi, Tim,

    One of my favorite things about Twitter is that severe space limitation–it requires you to pare your statements down to their essence.

    I nearly always bump up against the limit in my tweets, and so am really impressed by those who can compress a full feeling into an even shorter Tweet. My favorite of all time: "Damn you VPN." There's a whole story in that one.

    regards, John

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