This 2015 Trends Piece Could Set a Trend Itself

Delightful serendipity: this gorgeous work, The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2015, 110 beautiful pages on trends for the future, is also in itself a new way to do things. Global ad agency J Walter Thompson delivers it, for free, via (the illustration here is just one of the 110 pages):

JWT trends slideshare

The content here is the best kind of food for thought. You’ll recognize most of the trends, but some will surprise you and some will make you disagree.

It’s a great use of the medium. It’s designed as a slide deck (PowerPoint or Keynote, presumably) but reads like a beautifully-laid-out horizontal book. I opted to give it my full screen 27” monitor, full screen, and the visual effect is stunning. However, it is designed to be read, not delivered as a presentation. And it works great in full screen, with enough text to make it stand alone, but full use of the images.

Now it’s making me think I want to do something like this on lean planning