The Best Country in the World

On July 4 we celebrate Independence Day in the U.S. I like the sentiment expressed in this HBO series, from about the third to the eighth minute 3 (3:23 to 8:00). And please stay with it through the positive portion, after the rant, beginning at 6:44). This is from a new HBO series called The Newsroom, which was first broadcast June 25. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin, who also did West Wing and Studio 60, shows I consider thoughtful as well as entertaining. I loved the first episode, and so did most critics; but in respect of full disclosure, some complained that it was too much Aaron Sorkin diatribe.

By the way, I’m intrigued by what HBO is doing with the video here. It isn’t stolen. I got it off the HBO website which offered the embed code free, meaning that you are welcome to watch the full episode here or on a lot of other sites (I assume) that chose to embed it. That’s an interesting marketing/commercial decision, no?
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3 thoughts on “The Best Country in the World

  1. Except I can’t watch it. I’m in Canada, and HBO (like most networks) does not allow viewing of their content from an IP address outside the US.

  2. Tim,

    I am hooked. (On the show)

    I wonder how many TV news execs are watching it.

    And freaking out.

    Because the show–and what I think they’re trying to state-is right on the money. I told my wife that what they”re doing to news-is what you and I have been doing, (And others-obviously) online, in social media for a while now.

    We’re putting it out there. Transparently. And, we’re disclosing our relationships with businesses we mention. Etc. We’re doing things the right way.

    Fast-forward now to Fox News. And, what they’re doing.

    What ARE they doing?

    Does it even remotely resemble “news?”

    The Franchise King®