Tell Your Story Well: Resonate

This last Sunday I bought three copies of Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate and sent one each to three adult children. That’s the best review I ever give a book. I’m sad to admit that it happens rarely. But I love this book.

If you ever – ever – get up to speak to a group of people, and if you give a damn about what that means, to you and them, then you want to read this book.

It’s all about the story and telling it well. The ups and downs, the communication, the results, and the caring about the people listening, plus the caring about effectiveness, entertainment, and change.

Then this morning, thanks to Petra Pollum, I discovered Nancy’s presentation about resonating at a recent TEDx East. What better summary than the author herself?

In case you can’t see the video embedded here, you can click here for the original source on Youtube.

And the book, again: Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

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