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Webinar June 9 on Teaching Entrepreneurship

If you teach entrepreneurship, please join me tomorrow for a webinar on the top 10 tips in teaching entrepreneurship using business planning. I’m going to be looking back on more than 10 years of teaching starting a business using business plans. I hope I’ve picked up a few tips that might help.

NACCE (that’s National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship) membership is not required, but it’s a good organization, if you’re teaching entrepreneurship, you’ll find it useful.

Regardless, please join me in the webinar tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9, 2007; 4pm Eastern – 1pm Pacific Time.

What Do Teachers Make

You and I and a lot of students, parents, and teachers ought to thank my friend Matthew Scott for posting this on his Strategic Incubator blog. Do yourself and your kids and their teachers a favor, take five minutes, and look/listen to a great presentation. Matthew was making the point that all businesses are sometimes about presentations, and that’s true, and this is a good example. But it’s good for a lot of other reasons too.

If you don’t see it here, then you and I have some video formatting problem. You can click here to go to it on Matthew’s blog or here to go to the original on SlideShare.