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Sheryl Sandberg Named To Facebook Board Of Directors (Finally!)

Consider this a quick update, something that was obvious from the beginning: my post Sheryl Sandberg Named To Facebook Board Of Directors (Finally!)

Yes, I agree. Finally. And I’m glad to say I was on that bandwagon with Facebook Needs At Least One Woman on Its Board, which I posted here and on the Huffington post last April. 

In case you weren’t aware of that bandwagon, Facebook went public with seven men — all very well qualified, all deserving, all men with a lot to offer, to be sure — on its board. But not one woman? In 2012?

I’m glad to see they’ve taken this step in the right direction. How can any highly visible company fail to find at least one woman in a seven-member board of directors? After all, the purpose of a board of directors, Wikipedia says, is to govern the organization, establish broad policies, review the CEO, and answer to stakeholders for the organization’s performance. That purpose isn’t better served with at least one woman in the seven-member board? I don’t believe that. Do you?

Congrats to Facebook, and it was about time. 

(Image courtesy of Women 2.0)