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Thanks to Jonathan for the Profile

Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade, drew out the best of me for his podcast with me that he posted yesterday. He has a real knack for getting into the bigger issues, like both sides of entrepreneurship, and how important the rest of your life is, as compared to your business.

Yes, we do talk about business planning and classics of entrepreneurship in this interview, but he also got me talking about how much of my career hinged on mistakes, luck, and my wife saying things like how we’d take the risk together.

My advice: if you get a chance to do a podcast with Jonathan, say yes.

Business Planning in Times of Rapid Change

How does business planning change in this new world of instant media, short attention spans, and rapid change? Is it different these days? Can we plan at all? And secondly, from the point of view of the angel investor, what does an investor look at in a business plan.

I had a very friendly, fun, and I hope useful, radio session with Barbara Weltman earlier this week. We talked about how business planning is changing in the very fast-changing, short-attention-span world we live in.

Barbara has posted the interview online so you can access it now. The first part is a general review of business planning in times of change, can we plan, how do we plan, and how different is it in this brave new world:


And in the second part, Barbara asked me about my recent experience as a member of an angel investor group, reviewing plans and eventually choosing one for investment with my own money (as part of a larger group).

http://www.wsradio.com/wsradio-links.js //

Each of these parts takes about 12 minutes.