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The Phenomenon of Business Momentum

Momentum: you see it in team sports often, as one team executes a great play or there is a stroke of sudden luck, and the momentum changes. You see it in life too, like when getting more exercise helps you to eat better, which helps you to sleep better. What about business?roller coaster

It’s physics. Momentum vs. inertia. It’s something we know, we recognize, but we don’t fully understand. Or at least, I don’t.

Over the last generation we’ve seen big momentum shifts, such as the swing from Mac to Windows in the 1990s and back to Mac in the last five years; the momentum shift from Yahoo! to Google in 1999; and shift to Facebook from Myspace in 2005.

I’ve posted here about the startup momentum of the Silicon Alley in the last five years.

And here’s a challenge: how to codify business momentum. How can we measure it? Sudden shifts in page views, tweet mentions, Facebook fans, Yelp or Amazon reviews? Klout.com has its secret algorithm for measuring online influence, which starts me thinking … what about momentum?

I googled “business momentum” and there’s not much there. The third item is this one, which I posted here on this blog.

Are we content to say we know it when we see it? Is that enough? Or can we know it better, analyze it, and understand it?

Your suggestions are welcome. I’m fascinated by this, but is it just me?

(image: bigstockphoto.com)