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Infographic: Women in Business

Thanks to Balboa Capital for this infographic today with a summary of statistics on women-owned businesses.  This all looks like good information to me. With limits. For example, I chronically question the research on factors considered important because I think these surveys are politically motivated and set up to serve political agendas. So in this one, I don’t believe business owners are really concerned about macro economics or tax rates. They are concerned about increasing sales, hiring people or now, and cash flow. But that’s just my opinion.

I also note that according to this, women-owned businesses are financed the old fashioned way, not by high profile angel investors or venture capital. And that the playing field is not level by any means, even after 50 years of attention to gender equality. Women still have a tougher time, in general, building their businesses.

By the way, I recommend Women on Business, the website and blog, as my favorite source for women in business and writing about business. That site has no relation to this infographic.

infographic women in business

Infographic: Small Business and the US Economy

Palo Alto Software’s marketing team prepared this infographic from information provided by 10,000 users of its LivePlan web application for business planning. So that’s not a random list of small business owners, but it is a list of people who have wanting to plan a new business, or grow an existing business, in common. So that, to me at least, makes this information pretty interesting.

You can click the image for the larger size.

What? We Don’t Want Sex? Love? Health? Just Food and Cars?

This morning I opened Mashable’s What Men and Women Really Want, According to Social Media, a fun info graphic. You can see the conclusions here, in my illustration. Mine is a tiny clip of their much larger infographic, which has a lot more information. infographic

This is a lot of fun. My conclusion, however, is that it’s only a lot of fun. Not great information.

The conclusion:

  1. The top three wants for both sexes are the same, just in different order.
  2. The top 10 lists for the sexes overlap by 70%.
  3. 80% of the items on both lists are food.

What? No sex? No health? No love? No longevity? No owning your own business?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not posting what I really want onto Twitter. I really don’t have that much need for sharing. Ice cream, maybe; a car, maybe; coffee, cookies, and all that, maybe. As long as it’s pretty much trivial, or it dresses me up in my business persona.

I really like the idea of mining large amounts of data to get past what people say about themselves and into what people actually do. Sales information and actual purchases, for example, tell me thousands of times more than what people say they want or plan to purchase.

But in this case, we’re talking about social media. And that’s publishing.

Question: are you putting real personal information into your social media feeds?