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Business Owners: How do You Treat Employees Who Travel

Business travel is tough. It’s a parade of hotels, airports, taxis, deadlines, delays, time zones, and all that. So I ask you, business owners, how do you treat your employees when they travel:

  • Can they deduct the cost of a session at the gym in the hotel?
  • Can they buy a movie at the end of a long day?
  • Do you cover their full costs of meals?
  • Do you let them keep their miles, their hotel points, and other similar perks?
  • Can they take a taxi, or do they have to deal with the shared airporter vans?

Here’s the thing: business travel is hard. It takes people away from their normal life. Delays are common, jet lag is common, and while it may not be work to sit on a plane and wait at the airport, on off hours and weekends … it certainly isn’t fun. There are a lot more hours spent on the job than just the working hours.

The tax code is a problem. The government unfairly (in my opinion) limits the deductibility of some of the associated expenses. But what do you do for them? Do you accept those expenses? Should you?

(Image credit: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock)