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Why Would You Ever Make a Cold Call Again?

This interesting exchange comes from a NYTimes interview with Eric Lefkofsky, 40-year-old founder of groupon, serial entrepreneur, who Forbes says is worth about $750 million. The interviewer asks him: Do you think that every business needs to rethink what social media means to its future? He answers:

Today, I think that every business is again in serious flux because of the rise of all these social tools. Take telemarketing sales, for example. Why would your business ever make a cold call again?

When pressed, in follow-up questions, Eric insists that “every business that wants customers” needs to look at social media.

Sure, it turns out, by the bottom of the interview that he’s invested in a tool to help businesses manage social media, so his views are a bit like me insisting that every company needs better business planning. Still, it’s an interesting view, from a very successful Internet entrepreneur. And it makes good sense to me.

For the full interview, here’s the link:

Eric Lefkofsky, Groupon Founder, on Why Social Media Is Hot – NYTimes.com