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Entrepreneurship and Leadership with Mark Maples

My Friday video for this week is on entrepreneurship and leadership from the Stanford Ecorner. If you haven’t been there for a while, check it out. There is a new interface, and it’s a great collection of speakers on entrepreneurship, startups, business, and investment.

Here’s the intro from the site:

Silicon Valley veteran Mike Maples Jr. shares heartfelt advice urging aspiring entrepreneurs to “only do things that you think have a chance to be legendary.” By committing to always doing exceptional work and being around inspiring people, Maples says you will reap the cumulative benefits of a lifetime of excellence, and be able to enjoy it again whenever you look back.


This is a two-minute excerpt from a longer talk.

Live and Breathe Your 5 Main Assumptions

I love this, a very short snippet video from venture capitalist Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad Ventures. This is one of Stanford’s eCorner videos. I like their summary:

Ann Winblad advises entrepreneurs to boil down their business plan and tell everyone in the company the top five assumptions for success.  “As time goes on, turn the assumptions into facts,” says Winblad. She also reminds entrepreneurs to constantly reevaluate these assumptions as their company moves forward.


If for any reason you don’t the the video here, the original is on ecorner.stanford.edu as Keep Testing Your Core Assumptions.

Dwarfed by Metrics

Interesting insight in this short (less than a minute) snippet of Tom Conrad’s talk for Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner. He looks for the bigger, more humbling number to keep his team sharp. Specifically, Pandora may be the giant of Internet radio but it’s a very small piece of total radio. Nice approach.


(The video should be embedded here on the page. If it isn’t, you can click this link to go to the source page.)

Tom Conrad, the speaker, is CTO of Pandora, and also has history with Apple Computer, Documentum, and Pets.com. The same site has a full one-hour talk he gave last month. My second favorite snippet there is success is not about you. It’s very refreshing.

Business Plans, Plan A vs Plan B. Real or Fiction

Very interesting talk from earlier this month on Stanford’s Ecorner. This is Randy Komisar, of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, as part of a one-hour talk built around his book Getting to Plan B.


That’s a two-minute piece. Interestingly enough, it was followed immediately by an additional one-minute piece, called the Benefits of Mapping Plan A. That’s also important.