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The Secret to Micro Managing Is …

… questioning decisions after they’ve been made. That’s commonly called second guessing. Also, using hindsight. It’s about “shouldofs and “wouldofs.”

When you second guess decisions you’ve delegated to somebody else, they won’t make decisions for you again. They’ll ask you. They’ll ask you every detail. And you’re doomed to micromanagement. And it’s your own damn fault.

Do you want to be a manager? Do you want to delegate? Do you want to lead? If so, once you’ve entrusted something to somebody else, you accept the results. If they decided wrong, you either accept that you might have decided wrong too, or perhaps they got bad results from good decisions, and you support them, or never delegate to them again, or fire them.

It’s up to you. And think about this: if you’re the boss and nobody ever makes decisions, they all ask you every frustrating detail, it’s probably not all of them. It’s you.