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One Way Not to Market Your Expertise

Is this you? Are you trying to sell yourself as a consultant by sending general messages to people (or companies) you don’t know? Promising to solve whatever problems they have?

TrashI don’t dislike this person. I just feel sorry for the enormous waste of time and effort spent in the wrong direction.

This morning I received a second email from a guy who wants to sell me management consulting. His message is hardly convincing me of his competence. He’s never met me or anybody else at my company of 45 employees. And he’s addressing the wrong person because I’m not CEO anymore. And he’s promising to solve whatever problems I happen to have. Quote:

My services are flexible, ranging from advisory services to senior management and targeted special projects, as well as interim C-level management.

I’m sorry because he’s obviously in a tough spot. Despite this very unconvincing trolling marketing effort, he’s got what looks like a good resume and it’s a well-written email. I like this phrase:

I don’t write theoretical reports–I provide hands-on, practical assistance to help companies achieve the next level.

Then I think of the effort I assume is involved in finding me and my company. How many others are getting the same offer? How many people are opening that email, let alone reading it? And I think our website makes it obvious that I’m not even the right person to send this to.

This has to be an enormous waste of time. I’ve been close to consulting one way or another since 1974, and I was a full-time management consultant for 11 years. In all that time, I’ve never heard of a consulting engagement that started with a blanket offer like this. Companies seek consultants out to solve problems. As a consultant, you have to have a focused expertise and concentrate on being found by people who have the problem you solve, but after they perceive the problem.

I wonder if a medical doctor has ever been successful offering undefined medical services to people he or she doesn’t know.

It does remind me of the snake oil cliche, a medicine that will cure whatever ails you. These are tough times. I hopes he lands a job. Fast.

(Image: Blazej Lyjak/Shutterstock)