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Highest Paid CEOs in Charity

The infographic here about the highest paid CEOs in non-profits seems useful to me for two reasons.

First, many people seem uncomfortable with non-profit organizations, serving higher social goals, paying market-level compensation to employees. In my years of dealing with students of entrepreneurship there was an assumption that people who work in non-profits earn less than their counterparts in the rest of business. I question that assumption. If the non-profit is funded by donors, doesn’t it have to pay fair rates to keep good people? Do its employees have to be donors as well, in the sense that their salaries are below market rates?

Second, aside from compensation levels for all employees, looking at the CEOs and what they earn (in this infographic), is there a top end to this that goes to far? Should organizations funded by donations pay their leaders salaries like the ones in this infographic? Maybe they have to in order to get the right level of leadership? 

What do you think? 

The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity
Source: BestMSWPrograms.com