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How To Consolidate All Your Blog Posts From Different Sites to One Site

Problem: how do I consolidate my blogging into a single site? I post here on my main blog, but also on Up and Running, smbplans, gust.com, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, SBA.gov, and elsewhere. For a while we had an employee building a database of links. 

Tim Berry blog post site

Solution: Take a look at blog.timberry.com. That site consolidates all my posts, pretty much in the order they come. And it happens automatically. I have the RSS feeds programmed into the site so that when a new blog post is published on any of them, it automatically shows up on my consolidated blog site (that’s shown in the illustration below).

That’s done with a new Rebelmouse feature that lets me take my rebelmouse site from www.rebelmouse.com/timsblogging/ and set that to be blog.timberry.com instead. Rebelmouse calls that powered sites, and here is the Mashable post yesterday that describes it. I can also set the page not to display the Rebelmouse-specific branding that I don’t want. For that I pay Rebelmouse $9.95 per month. (And please note the disclosure on my sidebar.)

Although Rebelmouse does a lot of different automatic feeds, like the classic Twitter and Facebook steams, in this case it’s just RSS, as shown below. What I love about this is how my new posts show up automatically. I just do the blogging and the site refreshes itself. 

Rebelmouse Setting RSS Feeds