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About Dumb Obvious Blog Comments

Is this funny, or just annoying? It’s an alleged comment to one of my posts on this blog. And get this: the same comment also appeared, word for word, on another post on my Up and Running blog on entrepreneur.com. Two different posts, but the identical comment, as follows:

Great post, I agree. I think a great addition that might help others would be learning how to outsource. It’s really helped my business. I found a free outsourcing mini coarse and I learned a lot from it. It’s amazing what you can do when you can hire someone for $4 per hour to help you run your business.

And it has a URL, that I haven’t included, because I don’t want to promote it. A link that people are supposed to click to take part in the “amazing” gains of hiring someone for $4 per hour to be you. And I didn’t approve the comment, so don’t look for it, you won’t find it.

  • Re: “Great post, I agree.” Oh come on, how dumb do you think I and normal readers are? How obvious is that?
  • Re: “free outsourcing mini coarse.” I guess it doesn’t include spelling.
  • Re: hiring someone for $4 per hour to run your business. Yeah, you just put this comment on a post about how social media requires authenticity, which is hard to leverage. And on another post about overused words in advertising. I can see how that’s working for you.

Still, that’s a poorly executed waste of time commenting on blog strategy, which, I sincerely hope, will never work for you.