OK Maybe I Communicate with Logos … But Are They Friends?

Social media seems inherently about people, to me, not companies. It’s like a conversation, sort of, but one that has publishing mixed in, so it’s an amplified, recorded conversation. Do you agree? Isn’t this what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn?

But there are companies there too. Do we engage in conversation with companies? Perhaps, but not in the same way. I’ve used social media methods to contact companies looking for solutions, or information. So I’m glad they’ve made themselves available to me for that. I’ve tweeted with hosting providers, airlines, and restaurants. It’s nice, but it’s not conversation.  The tweet here from Infusionsoft, for example … I like the company, but is this good use of social media? I’m glad they’re there when I need them, but it’s not conversation.

I engage happily with people at companies. Shashi Bellamkonda., for example, who works with Network Solutions, or Richard Duffy, with SAP. These are people. I’ve met them on Twitter, and then in one case in person and the other by phone. This is actually social, amplified by technology. It’s cool.

I don’t care to converse with the Infusionsoft logo, or the Pillsbury Doughboy or the Michelin tire creature. But I’m glad they’re there too, when I want to communicate with them about business.

How do you feel about this?

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