The Morning After the 2016 Election

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Nov. 9, 2016. Of course this blog is not about politics or elections. I’m a business guy, basically, and I write about startups, planning, and stories. But I’m also human. I care. Here’s what I hope today:

  • That the women of this country stay united and resolute in their support of equal opportunity, equal pay, and control over their own bodies. That nobody accepts the imbalances and inequalities that still exist, in 2016, despite 50 some years since Betty Friedan first published The Feminine Mystique. And 35 years since my sister encountered sexism in her career in Silicon Valley high tech. And 20 since my daughters first encountered it.
  • That immigrants in the USA feel welcome. That the USA remains a nation of immigrants, and a land of opportunity. That we build bridges, not walls.
  • That we acknowledge and work together to end the inequality of opportunity, and treatment under the law, that face African Americans and Hispanics in this country. That starts with looking at who is in our prisons, where they come from, why and how they get there.
  • That we each individually work for what’s right, and do our best, with love, understanding, and kindness; as well as hard work. And we keep our dreams intact.


3 thoughts on “The Morning After the 2016 Election

  1. Thanks, Tim. Encouraging words from an unexpected quarter. Along those lines, I believe incubator gurus could contribute to making things better by making a special effort to support women-owned startups and small businesses in poor communities. That looks to me like a sweet spot for moving things in the right direction. Right there in the shaded area of your Venn diagram. –Nancy Dunn

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