Brands: Like It Or Not

For Bud Light, it’s beer, cheap, cheap beer, and crap and drunk and football and others. For Apple, it’s design, cool, ipod, mac, and others. For Exxon, evil, gas, oil, spill, valdez, with some additional disaster, and spill, and so on. These are word associations, by the public. 

This is at brand tags, a database-driven routine of tags for words people associate with major brands. I heard about it from Sabrina at MommyCEO, who picked it up from Seth Godin.

For example, see what comes up with McDonalds. It’s a cloud tag, meaning that the more often a word is used, the bigger it appears. I started clicking around.

What a great illustration of branding, the way certain words, and ideas and images associated with words, stick with a brand.  Like it or not.

8 thoughts on “Brands: Like It Or Not

  1. Uhm, I certainly am going to challenge you that the public perceptions of the listed products are what you claim. Seems to be your perception Tim? Maybe you should give people who like bud light a chance. They aren't all crap.

  2. Ronaldo: Tim is very saavy and would not make an ignorant comment like you described. Please read his post again. If you actually follow the link you will see that this is the public's perception of said product. Maybe you should read an article before posting ignorance. Thanks

  3. Irony is in the air folks. As I read an article on one of my favorite pub's, the H-Post.. I had to make a distinct connection with this article and the comments within…. Ignorance and harsh words is exactly what got us into this mess in iraq to begin with. I just thought I'd add that. (for those of you who don't know what H-Post stands for, you probably shouldn't be reading it anyways)

  4. My Brand Tags are as follows:

    Obama: Change, Fresh, Exciting, Young, Black
    Bush: Old, Dull, White
    The War in Iraq: Lie, Death, Sand, Oil, Bush, O'Reilly
    Business Plan Pro: unknown, mystery

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