Business Plan? Marketing Plan? Compensation Plan? Oh My!

I like this post. Compensation Plan? Business Plan? Marketing Plan? Which is it? It makes sense. I don’t know the site — — but I couldn’t resist reproducing the business plan and marketing plan art, with links back to the original post, of course, because this isn’t my work. Nice touch, though. This is the business plan:


And, following that, this is the marketing plan:


The compensation plan, by the way, is completely different. Like a stock plan or retirement plan, it’s about how to pay people with a combination of wages and salaries, bonuses, and benefits. It’s a completely different animal.

One thought on “Business Plan? Marketing Plan? Compensation Plan? Oh My!

  1. Very interesting, Tim lol. If anything this illustration will inspire a host of new MBA grads lol. I’ll also consider sharing with my small business marketing audience on my blog.

    John Sternal

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