Business Plan Consulting

What can I do for you? Want a second opinion? Ask some questions about your startup, your business planning, maybe your pitch or a view from an angel investor? I’m available for business plan consulting, from time to time, for interesting projects. You can get me on the phone for an hour or two, send me a document, get my opinion, and get my help.

This is aside from my more formal business plan review or real numbers engagements, explained elsewhere.


business plan

Warning: don’t even think about hiring me as a business plan consultant because you want me to invest in your company. That’s not the way I work. I was a member of an angel investment group from 2009 through 2017, but I’ve dropped out of the group. I’ve done only one angel investment since, for a small amount. For more on that, read my generic response to investment proposals.

Many people tell prospective entrepreneurs that their consulting or services will lead to investment. “We can get you the money.” No. Not me, not anyone. Investors invest in the business, not the business plan, not the consultants, not the people who sell their contacts as if just knowing investors were an asset. That’s dishonest. I don’t do it.


What will it cost? $500 per hour for phone or Zoom consultations,  plus — if we get through the pandemic — travel expenses for in-house or in-person business plan consulting. I need the first hour’s fee up front before I get on the phone or zoom with you.

Are you interested in my business plan consulting?


And if not, thanks for reading this, and maybe you’d like to see the free advice and coaching I offer, or the productized advice and coaching, meaning books and software with prices of less than $20 for the books and $99-$199 or $19.95 monthly for the software.