3 Blog Titles and One Novel in a Single Sentence

This sentence was at the end of the lead paragraph:

In this Q&A, he warns of the classic mistakes of manager-wannabe-leaders, the perils of too many bullets and not enough Zen, and why CEOs are like dogs.

Isn’t that great writing? Page ViewDoesn’t it make you want to read on?

There are three blog titles in that one sentence:

  • Classic mistakes of manager-wannabe-leaders
  • Too many bullets and not enough Zen
  • Why CEOs are like dogs

And that middle one, “Too Many Bullets and Not Enough Zen,” is intriguing enough to be the title of a novel. I may use it (apropos of my recent Zen/not Zen post) myself.

That sentence is from What Breed Is Your CEO? Randy Komisar on Leadership and Management, by Kermit Pattison, on Fast Company a couple days ago. Too bad that title isn’t as good as any of the three in the sentence above, but I think I know why: The Fast Company website isn’t a blog, it’s journalism. It’s supposed to be news more than opinion.

And at this point in this post I’m tempted to quote Kermit’s interview with Randy to explain his intriguing come-on sentence. But I won’t. You can click the link. This post is about the writing.

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