10 Tips from Starbucks Founder

Thanks to Bill Brelsford of Small Business Building Blocks for this summary of advice from Howard Behar of Starbucks in his book It’s Not About the Coffee.

Bill summarizes 10 points from the author:

  1. Wear One Hat – the importance of knowing who you are and just as importantly, who you are not.

  2. Do It Because It’s Right, Not Because It’s Right for Your Resume – the familiar do things for the right reasons theme.

  3. The Person Who Sweeps the Floor Should Choose the Broom – Howard addresses one of my pet peeves about management – people are not assets, they are human beings. Do give them rules, give them room for independent thinking.

  4. Care Like You Really Mean It – it’s the only way to build trust.

  5. The Walls Talk – it takes time and effort to listen to what is being said and not said.

  6. Only The Truth Sounds Like The Truth – the importance of responsibility and accountability.

  7. Think Like a Person of Action, and Act Like a Person of Thought – on the importance of finding the balance between passion, purpose, persistence, and action.

  8. We Are Human Beings First – You will face challenges, remember to put people first.

  9. The Big Noise and the Still, Small Voice – probably my favorite part of the book. Our culture is impressed with the big, noisy, leader. Remember that leaders are just humans, and the quiet, thoughtful leader can be every bit as effective as the rock star.

  10. Say Yes, the Most Powerful Word in the World – learn to say "yes" and open the door to big dreams and goals.

I gather the book is an excellent book, but in the meantime I appreciate the list that Bill made, which looks and feels like a good summary.

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  1. i have read this book. it’s a great book! i will repeat it in my lifetime! there are so many starbucks store in our country. aswanto, indonesia.

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