10 Reasons You’ll Actually Miss Newspapers

I wish I’d thought of this first. But I didn’t. So instead, here’s 10 Reasons You’ll Actually Miss Newspapers, by Dan Frommer on businessinsider.com (he’s got it illustrated one picture per item, too, worth clicking on the original just for the pictures):

  1. Starting a fire
  2. Wrapping presents
  3. Espionage (that one really needs the picture, a guy with a newspaper hiding his face).
  4. Pet bedding
  5. Papier-mâché
  6. Feeling good about recycling them
  7. Wrapping fish and chips
  8. Party hats
  9. Around the house (needs some examples; the picture shows newspaper crushed around the edge of an air conditioner)
  10. Quality international and investigative journalism. Dan adds:

Sure, today’s new, lean-staffed Web publishers are good at reporting and analyzing the news back home. But who’s going to staff the Baghdad bureau?

And I say, really? Baghdad bureau? Today’s new lean-staffed Web publishers are good at reporting and analyzing the news here in the United States?

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons You’ll Actually Miss Newspapers

  1. Newspapers, after they’ve been read of course, are great for cleaning windows too. At the least every household should get the local paper. Reading the paper is one of my favorite things to do and no I’m not in the baby boomer generation. I just love getting information and reading on the net not only hurts my eyes but it’s not good for anyone’s eyes to be looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time. I grew up watching my mom read the paper. I got interested in news as a child and it stayed with me. I don’t see how people don’t read the local newspaper?!

  2. I miss them already! Although, when I look at the papers today I’m not convinced that the existing quality warrants the use of the paper they’re printed on. I’m not sure about the whole argument against new media journalism. Perhaps we should just get blank recycled paper sent to each house everyday and hop online for our news.

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