Photos of Tim Berry

In response to media requests, here are Tim Berry photos for use on the web and in publications.

Instructions: Please use your browser commands to select and download a photo. I wish I could give you exact instructions, but it depends on which browser you’re using. In almost all browsers, you move your mouse over the picture and click the left mouse button to open a menu that includes a command to download the file. In Chrome, the command is “save image as.”

This is a photo taken in 2016, with different backgrounds.

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Tim Berry Entrepreneur
722 x 760 pixels.

Tim Berry Entrepreneur
722 x 760 pixels
Tim Berry Entrepreneur
400 x 400 pixels


428 x 448 pixels


Tim Berry Entrepreneur
722 x 878 pixels. My personal favorite. Background is one of my photos of North Sister from the top of Obsidian Cliffs trail in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Tim Berry Entrepreneur
568 x 567 pixels. Almost square.