What You Need to Know about Business Planning

What you need to know about my help with your business planning…

  1. I won’t write your business plan. I did that for years, but I don’t believe in it anymore. Please check out 10 questions to ask before hiring a business plan writer.
  2. I won’t invest in your business. Please don’t confuse my help with your business planning with my angel investing. I invest only as a member of the  Willamette Angel Conference and that’s one investment per year, in May, which is voted upon by the 40  group members. And if you’re not an Oregon business, you have no chance to win that. So don’t even think about paying for my services to get me to invest. My business plan help is honest and objective expertise, and only that.
  3. I can’t make you successful. Achieving your objective depends on the content of your plan, your experience, your background, and your execution.
  4. It’s confidential. Of course I give you a non-disclosure agreement. Not that I’d have to. I’ve billed more than $2 million in consulting over my career. My consulting has always been confidential.
  5. I’ll tell you the truth. If your management team doesn’t include somebody with real experience in previous startups, don’t ask me to review your plan for suitability for angel investment or venture capital. The outside investors will reject you and your team without reading the rest of your plan.
  6. It costs less for Business Plan Pro or LivePlan.com users. I believe in the software I’ve conceived and my company publishes. If you worked with some other tool, I just wish you’d used one of these two.