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I’ve put literally thousands of pages, blog posts, articles, presentations, and even two complete books where you can get them, free, on the web…

  1. My latest book, Lean Business Planning, was published in 2015 by Motivational Press. I’ve posted the full contents of the book where you can get it for free at
  2. The blog here on this site and my main blog at Notice the business planning category on either one includes more than 450 posts, broken into 8 sub-categories.
  3. My consolidated blogging site at This is a Rebelmouse integration of my recent blog posts on sites including,, bplans.comgust.comAmex OPEN Forum, Small Business Trends, and Huffington Post.
  4. My previous book The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, published by Entrepreneur Press, is posted free, in its entirety, on the web. And so too is my earlier book Hurdle: the Book on Business Planning.The Plan as You Go Business Plan
  5. I’ve written hundreds of articles and dozens of sample business plans at
  6. I judge business plan competitions including the University of Oregon’s New Venture Championship, the Rice Business Plan Competition, and the University of Texas Venture Labs Competition (formerly Moot Corp). My comments, reviews, opinions and suggestions are part of the judging process.
  7. Click here to send me an email question. If it’s an interesting question, I might (no promises) answer it on my blog.

And if you want more, great! I’d love to help you more. Here are the other options:

  1. Almost-free business plan help: I’ve poured my life’s work into books and software available for the price of a lunch (books) or a good dinner (software).
  2. Business plan review
  3. Business planning coaching
  4. Speaking and workshops