Get Expert Help with Your Business Plan Financials

Business plan projections can be daunting. If you’re using either Business Plan Pro or LivePlan, then I can help. I know the projection models — I developed them — so I can help you work them correctly. I can also give you a real-world view of how assumptions come together, what makes them realistic, and how to develop credible projections backed by available data. We can talk about building forecasts from the ground up, based on reasonable assumptions.

While I don’t offer my services as a business plan writer, because I don’t believe that offers any real value to anybody —  I can help people with business numbers. I like numbers. And I’m happy to help — as long as you’re working with the software I conceived and helped  develop.

This will end up being your plan, not mine, even though I’ll be helping you with assumptions and  financial mechanics. You’ll know where everything is and how to keep up the plan. And you’ll never find yourself in a meeting with a banker or investor wondering what’s in your plan, how to revise, or where to find it. For more of my views on the importance of you intellectually owning the plan we develop together, please read my worst-ever consulting engagement , on my blog, or choose something from this Google search. And maybe also business plan writing can’t perfume a pig, on my blog.

Pricing: A normal engagement is $1,995. I’ve had some special cases for which I’ve charged more, and I don’t charge less.

You can click this link to go to a web form that asks you some basic questions and emails me your inquiry: