Business Plan Review

business plan

I offer a comprehensive business plan review. The deliverable includes a marked-up and commented-on copy of the document, plus a long email from me detailing suggestions and my view of the plan’s suitability for business management,  for backing up a loan application, or for seeking investment. I prefer to work with password access as a guest reader to Price depends on how long the plan, how extensive the review; it’s always hundreds of dollars, though, never thousands.

What you need to know:

  1. It’s not a fee for considering investment. Please don’t confuse my business plan review with my angel investing. Don’t even think about paying for my services to get me to invest. My business plan reviews are honest, objective, expert reviews, and only that. They do not lead to investment.
  2. It’s not a come-on for more fees. Some consultants and business plan writers use business plan reviews, often for free, to generate clients for their writing services. I don’t. My review is worth what I charge for it and doesn’t lead to a consulting proposal. I really don’t want to write your business plan.
  3. It’s confidential. Of course I give you a non-disclosure agreement. Not that I’d have to. I’ve billed more than $2 million in consulting over my career. My consulting has always been confidential.
  4. I’ll tell you the truth. I’m going to give you my honest assessment of the viability of your plan for the purposes you define. It will be opinion, not fact; but it’s a good educated guess. I will point out what I think might be the flaws. I won’t sugar coat it and I won’t just tell you what I think you want to hear. And I won’t pitch you for consulting either.
  5. It costs as little as $295, as much as $1,995.
  6. It costs less for Business Plan Pro or users. I believe in the software I’ve conceived and my company publishes. If you worked with some other tool, I just wish you’d used one of these two.

Does this sound interesting to you?


And if not, thanks for reading this, and maybe you’d like to see the free advice and coaching I offer, or the productized advice and coaching, meaning books and software with prices of less than $20 for the books and $99-$199 or $19.95 monthly for the software.