Business Plan Coaching

Think of this as you and me developing your plan together. We’ll talk about what you need, collaborate on form and format, and work with drafts. We’ll get together online  and I’ll help you through the mechanics of the financial projections, look at the triggers, and provide you the tools and know-how you’ll need in the future to keep your plan up to date, without having to ask me every time you want to change a paragraph or revise your numbers. The goal is empowerment, getting you in charge of your plan forever, and in the meantime, you’ll end up with a good looking professional plan that we created together.

This will end up being your plan, not mine, even though I’ll be helping you with wording and financial mechanics, outline, and the rest. You’ll know where everything is and how to keep up the plan. And you’ll never find yourself in a meeting with a banker or investor wondering what’s in your plan, how to revise, or where to find it. For more of my views on the importance of you intellectually owning the plan we develop together, please read my worst-ever consulting engagement, on my blog, or choose something from this Google search. And maybe also business plan writing can’t perfume a pig, on my blog.

Pricing: Obviously a lot depends on your specific business situation and what you need. I can help you with the pitch deck, summary memo, and elevator speech as well as the core plan and the plan document, but what I charge will depend on the actual details. You can figure it’s not likely to be less than $2,500, and in normal cases it should be done with no more than $5,000. However, I’ll give you an easy abandonment point at $500 at our first milestone.

You can click this link to go to a web form that asks you some basic questions and emails me your inquiry: