Photos of Tim Berry

In response to media requests, here are Tim Berry photos for use on the web and in publications.

Instructions: Please use your browser commands to select and download a photo. I wish I could give you exact instructions, but it depends on which browser you’re using. In almost all browsers, you move your mouse over the picture and click the left mouse button to open a menu that includes a command to download the file. In Chrome, the command is “save image as.”

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Smaller files for web use

Tim Berry 250 pixels Downloadable files: (in this case, choose one of the following based on size and proportions preferences, then click the link below to view the source photo. You can then right-click as above to download the photo you chose.)

Tim Berry 2007 Other Mug File Name: Timberry2007othermug.jpg File Size: 14 kb – 253×300(right-click on the photo to download)
TimBerry 2007 Standing File Name: TimBerry2007Standing.jpg File Size: 52 kb – 495×744(right-click on the photo to download)
Tim Berry 2007 brown shirt File Name: TimBerry2007inSuitBrowncolor.jpg File size: 26 kb – 330×496(right-click on the photo to download)

Larger, high resolution files, for print use

Tim Berry Blue Shirt TimBerry2007Blueshirt.jpgFile Size: 577 kb – 681×1024(right-click on the photo to download)
Tim Berry Brown Shirt File Name: TimBerry2007-graybrown.jpg File Size: 653 kb – 681×1024(right-click on the photo to download)